St. Louis’s Favorite Virgin Hair Store

QUALITY-Unlike rolling the dice with other online hair distributors, we take pride in offering you a quality product. Whereas many companies charge a hefty price tag for hair of a lower grade, all of hair is top AAAAA Grade. Long before we released our hair to the public, our team conducted 8 months of extensive research (spending thousands of dollars) wearing, testing, analyzing and assessing hair from dozens of different hair distributors. So you can rest easy in knowing that we are offering you nothing less than BEST!

TEXTURE– Because our hair is unprocessed and does not contain any synthetic fibers, it feels soft, smooth and natural to the touch. All of the cuticles are intact and are facing the same direction which results in body, sheen and overall healthy-looking hair.

LONGEVITY-Our 100% Virgin Brazilian and Malaysian Hair lasts UP TO one year if properly maintained.

HANDLING-All of hair is handled with care. Each piece is carefully inspected to assure exceptional quality. Also, we lightly spray our hair with a non-sulfate leave-in conditioner in order to prevent dryness and to preserve its luster.

BUDGET– Our prices are much lower than other distributors who offer hair of similar quality because we believe that everyone should have great hair at an affordable price!

Customer Testimonial

Because I know what it’s like to order hair online, pay all that money for shipping, wait FOREVER for the hair to arrive only to open the package and find a complete mess being passed off as Virgin Hair. On top of that, the horrible customer service agent tells you that all sales are final.

“I founded Celebrity Hair Depot to make sure that no woman would ever have to go through that painful process again.”

Kendra Cosey
Owner of Sew St. Louis and Celebrity Hair Depot

What Makes Us SOOOO much better
than that Tired’ol Beauty Supply Hair?

We offer CELEBRITY-QUALITY VIRGIN HAIR EXTENSIONS at an AFFORDABLE PRICE.  You too can look like a celebrity without the Hollywood price tag! Our hair has undergone over 8 months of extensive research and testing before it was released to the public.

We have invested many hours and thousands of dollars into wearing, analyzing and assessing hair from dozens of different distributors to ensure top quality.

You can search high and low and you will not find hair of this elite quality for prices this low.

Do not be mistaken, we are NOT just another hair company. We take PRIDE in our quality, our prices and our customers. Our hair is soft, tangle-free and sheds minimally.

All of our hair is Grade AAAAA and has been carefully inspected before being made available to you.

You can rest easy in knowing that we are offering you nothing less than BEST! So move over Beyonce’ because at Celebrity Hair Depot, YOU ARE THE STAR!



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2172 N. Waterford Dr. Suite A, Florissant, MO 63033